our size guide

Vintage sizing can be very inconsistent (even among the pieces produced by a single fashion house). The most accurate way to predict the fit of a garment is by comparing your body measurements—especially, hip, bust, and waist—with the measurements of the garment in question, which we list in each item's description. We also categorize each item according to approximate present-day sizes XS-XXL:

size waist chest hip
XS 23-25 29-31 32-34
S 26-28 32-34 35-37
M 29-32 35-38 38-41
L 33-36 39-42 42-45
XL 37-40 43-46 46-49
XXL 41+ 47+ 50+

We measure the waists with a little bit of slack. We use fit models to size looser fit garments, where the measurements vary based on the desired fit.